Sherri Renner: The Case of My Career

The Case of My Career

How the Florida Bar Regulatory Cabal is Enabled to Violate Rights and Ruin Lives

Most attorneys have that one special case they handle that is exceptional in some way. These cases are commonly dubbed, “The case of my career.”
For years I thought mine was Art and Compassion Inc. and Food Not Bombs vs. The City of West Palm Beach. It was a big win for the politically powerless and sparked in me a passion to defend people’s civil rights against governmental encroachment.
I was wrong, though. That wasn’t the case of my career.
In 2017, after twelve years of successful practice, the Florida Supreme Court disbarred me. The FSC revoked my license to practice even though I was never charged with nor even accused of violating any rule of professional conduct. 
I sued the Florida Bar and the Florida Supreme Court for violating my rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act and Rehabilitation Act. That case has been the case of my career.
Well, one of them, anyway.
The purpose of this website (which used to be the website for my law firm) is to publicize not only the details of my own case, but also the legal, medical, and societal conditions that made and continue to make this outlawed discrimination possible.

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