Successfully Representing Yourself in Court

Wondering how to represent yourself in court? You’re not alone. Nowadays, many people are representing themselves in court either because they cannot afford to hire an attorney or they simply choose to represent themselves. Making the decision is the easy part; figuring out what to do next is the challenge.

Historic Courthouse in Tombstone, AZ, on a sunny spring day
Historic Courthouse in Tombstone, AZ

While serving the community in Palm Beach County back in 2007, Sherri Renner learned that legal resources available to help people represent themselves in court are inadequate. To address the need, Sherri created LawYou America, LLC and, over the years, has successfully coached many non-lawyers as they represented themselves in court.

LawYou’s resources include a directory of attorney law coaches and other legal services, many blog posts, reference materials, and opportunities to connect with others through social media and Google groups. Sherri is always on the lookout for new technologies for better connection.


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